Super Bowl plans?

31 January, 2013
Rat Fink

Anybody have any?

I’m not telling anyone who I’m rooting for to win, because whichever team I pick — matters not the sport — always loses. So shhhhhhh. Be vewwy quiet.

Besides, I’ve always felt that until MY team plays in the Super Bowl, it’s just another football game, which explains why I never have any plans for Super Bowl Sunday. (And likely never will.)

Now you just have yourself a fabulous Thursday, because you know what tomorrow is.


  1. Well I’m telling everyone – GO 49’ers!!!!!!!!!!

  2. As I am severely allergic to football, I plan to spend the day in my sewing room watching Marx Brothers’ movies.

    Hello! I must be going….


    • I will definitely be joining you in some “alternative activities” if the score gets out of control on the wrong side of the ball!

  3. Oh is that this weekend? :)

  4. Yea, I hear there is this football game going on during the Beyonce concert on Sunday? I’ll watch for the commercials. HA! :D

  5. I’ll be spending that time driving to and from BG to pick up my gorgeous grandson. The only performance I’ll be listening to is Raffi singing on the dvd that little guy likes to watch on long trips. Maybe I should change my plans so as to not miss Mrs. Jay-Z.

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