Progress, progress…

27 October, 2010
Rat Fink

There is progress.

Last night’s Act I run-through was painful in places — especially when Stoney brought down the Stone Cold Stunner on the cast and crew. But as anyone in theater (or sports) knows, directors (coaches) yell. One has to have a cast-iron stomach, and the hide to match, in order to function in live theater. It’s just the way of the thing.

Still, the actors are showing signs of life. I will throw my hat on the table and say that I think we’re where we need to be, eight days out.

Yipes — eight days.

After the students left last night, the three directors chatted about what keeps people coming back to do shows, given the hard work and sometimes, frankly, the suffering that takes place. We are convinced it’s because of the payoff; the love from the audience. I’m not sure why the crew keep coming back — they don’t really get any audience love. I’m sure they derive great pleasure, however, from lurking in the dark, plotting world domination. They don’t seem to crave the spotlight actors need, even though they know the show depends heavily upon their work in between scenes. I’ve never understood backstage techies…that’s why we have Greg. :-)

The three movie sequences used during the performance (shot and edited by Finkville’s own Tom Hanks) are a highlight of the show. If you’re in the area, get a ticket. The short films alone are worth the price of admission. But we’d like to think the singing, acting and dancing will add to the overall effect.

Keep it up, kids. We’re almost there. Progress…


  1. “Stone Cold Stunner” has given me my first smile of the day. Can’t wait for Sunday to get here – it starts my favorite week of the year!

    • The food, the running jokes, the “meaningful looks” from the conductor’s chair to the trombone section…I love you!

  2. Sounds like quite a night. :) [No phone today… difficulties…]

  3. Yay! Progress! Would you believe I had a dream about this musical the other night? You weren’t doing Singin’ In the Rain. It was something similiar to Spamalot. I came for the opening show and you approached me panicked because you completely forgot to cast a lead female. (Apparently you had been rehearsing the whole time w/o a lead character) You begged me to fill in, handed me a script and ran back to the pit. I went backstage in tears and flipped through the script. I missed entrances, came in wearing the wrong costumes, etc. It was bad. At intermission you dismissed the audience because I was so awful. I woke up and just laughed about it. Bizarre, eh? :)

    • HA – bizarro indeed! I’ve had similar dreams where I’m pushed out onstage in a lead role and I’ve not the first clue what my lines are. Those dreams mean something, but I can’t remember what…

      Looking forward to seeing you at the show!

  4. The reason anyone works in the theater is because they are at least a bit masochistic, even the director since they have to put up with the neurotic crazies even as they’re driving them crazy. The stage crew comes back since they get to feel some small amount of power over lighting and knowing, “If I don’t draw this curtain, the show will not go on! Mwahaha!!!” and then force the orchestra to vamp endlessly.

    • And surely you remember an endless orchestra vamp. I certainly do. Remember when you played the rabbi in Fiddler on the Roof, and Jane couldn’t find her veil, so she just stayed backstage and looked for it while we waited for her entrance? ARRRRRRRRG KILL MAIM DESTROY

  5. Haha, Finkster you are too kind about the videos. I’m just glad they didn’t turn out so bad they detracted from the show.

    Relating to Meg’s comment….strangely enough I have had dreams where I had to fill in at the last second for Pauls part in a play you were doing. It didn’t end well.

    • They turned out fantastic, fiend. Outstanding! Totally professional. The audience will get a huge kick out of them. And somehow, I cannot see you onstage for ANY reason. :-)

  6. I don’t think I need to tell you how much I love the Stone Cold Steve Austin reference.

  7. I don’t know about plotting world domination (although a certain stage manager is somewhat suspicious). :P It is fun to creep backstage, though. We dance, we sing (without really singing), we just aren’t seen doing it. :) We get plenty of love from the audience – why do you think we hang around the stage door after a performance? :D

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