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13 June, 2011
Rat Fink

I know. Schadenfreude is not nice. Let’s just call it, mehhh…justice.

Did you notice how, after the game, Dwayne Wade and other Heat players stayed on the court to congratulate the Dallas guys, but Mr. I’ma Take My Talents to Souf Beach exited stage left without speaking to anyone? Such telling moments define character, one way or the other.

The Heat will likely win a championship or five, if the planets align and they all play their best in the playoff stretch. I’m just glad it wasn’t this year. Reeeeally glad.

Schadenfink out.



  1. I’m not much of a Basketball guy but even I’ll admit that Lebron and the way he’s acted just screams that he needs a swift kick in the shins. Honestly, the way he’s acting, exactly why I think playing at least a season of college or minor league ball should be required before moving up to the majors. At the very least it forces a bit of fair play to be instilled in the person.

    • I agree with this, Will. He went from being a mean-as-a-snake high school brat (and I heard this on good authority from someone who was there) to spoiled-rotten multimillionaire in a matter of months. The pros shouldn’t take kids; everyone should pay his dues first, regardless of the phenom level.

  2. You mean there are Diva’s in Basketball too???


    He he he


    • OOps – I misplaced my apostrophe.
      Sorry ’bout that.



    • You know that’s right! And the sports pundits are having a field day with this. I actually think it’s gone too far, and that the acrimony has reached its freshness date. I mean, the governor of Ohio yesterday proclaimed the Mavs and their fans “honorary Ohio citizens.” That ain’t right…

      • I had the misfortune of finishing up my MMus at Syracuse when Carmelo was there – sheesh. The guy had a GPA of less than 1.8 fuhcryinoutloud. He didn’t finish because he was about to get booted.
        So he gets this huge contract for billions of dollars because he can play basketball. What would he get if he could play the violin? zip.

        Don’t get me started.

        *Steam coming out of the ears….*

  3. I think we’re entitled. ;)

  4. I don’t like Lebron. Or what he did. Or anything about him. But at least he didn’t cry on camera. I’m looking at you Chris Bosh. Chris Bosh could be the softest basketball player of all time. Miami’s “Big 3” is more like a “Big 2 1/2”. Please, Miami… you have D-Wade and LeBron. Let’s not try to pass Chris Bosh off as a star too, OK?

    That being said, the Heat not winning not only makes LeBron look stupid for leaving, it also makes ESPN look REEEEEEEEEEALLY stupid for their countless hours of Heat coverage, and their “Heat Index” on their website. The people in charge in Bristol must be livid today.

  5. There’s a basketball team in Dallas????


    • HA

      Yeah, silly man-beast. They’re called the MAVALIERS. LOL

      I’ll bet you guys were about sick of all the coverage…

  6. I was pulling for the Mavs all the way. That said, it was a very competitive and intense series. LeBron really faded in the fourth quarters. He sure didn’t demonstrate that he’s a closer. He was the same way in his last play off with the Cavs.

    • True. Looking back, all the games were very close, except for the last one. And the only thing I sensed that was different than the infamous Boston Game 5 was the overall attitude he had on the court: last time it was apathy; this time it looked like fearful resignation.

      Hey — check your FB mail, ding dong!

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