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26 February, 2010
Rat Fink

“Some Things Simply Must Be Seen to Be Believed” Division:

Russian singers from the 70s — awesome. Russian singers lip-synching a vocalise on Soviet television, complete with gorgeous set tricked out in week-old mustard-colored backdrop and tattered fence-like apparatus — incomparable.

Watch it twice. It’s Finkday, after all. Treat yourself.


  1. The least you could have done was posted the Russian translation of the lyrics so I know what the heck he’s singing about! Cripes! [[ducking – again]]

    Happy Belated Birthday to RtB!! I LUV Yew!! **SMEWCH**

    B to the oomR

  2. Well, heck, those darned Russians stole my set idea for Dinner Theatre 2011!!!

  3. This is the greatest thing Soviet television has ever produced.

  4. It’s Russia’s version of Lawrence Welk!

  5. Wow you could hardly tell he was lip-synching! He was gooo-oood!

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